Who is Rodrigo Polesso and What Does He Do?

On the internet these days, this man is what you would call uber cool. He is one of the living legends of the fast growing trend known by this code. JI. Rodrigo Polesso is a Brazilian pro on JI. JI is short for intermittent fasting or jejum intermitente, as the Brazilians would say. Losing weight, especially when you need to, is no joke. Many of you reading this right now may have tried it before and failed. Now, imagine losing weight quickly and successfully, and then proceeding to keep the excess weight off for good.

Rodrigo Polesso

You’ll need lessons on this, and this is where Mr. Rodrigo Polesso comes in handy. Do take some time out to watch his videos on this trending subject. When you start fasting intermittently it does not mean that you’re on some or another religious trip where you have to go without food for an entire day. No, intermittent fasting is a feeding style that alternates fasting periods with actual meal times. The key ingredient here is not necessarily having to give up certain foods you have always enjoyed traditionally but rather how to eat it.

So, make a note of this, JI is not a diet. No, no, no diet fads for you here. JI is the culmination of a whole new feeding style that leads up to a whole new you. But a warning to those who still feel a little afraid to try. There will be twenty four hour fasting periods. Let Mr. Polesso advise on why it’s been included in the JI programs and how it checks out. The ultimate goal, however, remains losing excess fatty tissue weight fast and furiously so that you can get on with enjoying life as a normal person.

No more heave ho, if you please. And have no fear. You’ll soon learn that your body was historically programmed to go without food for long periods of time. At this time as this note winds down, you’ll also be introduced to two further internet trends known as the low carb feed and the flash fast. Get ready for life in the fast lane. Not the fast food lane, the health and wellness checkout point.